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This is the Norsk Data library, with all the hardware, software and other documentation made available on this server so far. Currently () items are listed, which gives you pages (approx. ) to read.

The library is grouped into sections of hardware, software, quick guides etc. Each section is sorted by number, date or alphabetically to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

The scanned documents are usually stored as PDF files. The resolution is suitable for viewing on the screen to keep the files as small as possible, but normally not good enough for printing.

If you have any more information about the documentations or can help me with items I'm missing, please contact me.

ND hardware ND software ND quick guide ND device Other hardware/software ND Sales PD's and PI's ND Sales Information ND ECO ND news ND miscellaneous ND Sintran configurations ND hardware/software PD's and PI's ND SIS ND various information Dolphin Server Technology

The standardized document tables used in this library have columns with the following meaning
Alphanumeric - Sintran names (file names, user names etc.) may only contain the letters "A"-"Z" (uppercase), digits "0"-"9" and the hyphen "-".

CPU no - The CPU number of a given ND computer. Usually tttt.nnnnn where tttt is the computer type or model, and nnnnn is the actual CPU number.

Customer - The customer name.

Description - A description of this item.

Download - Shows the document file type and the icon is also the link to download the file.

  • FLIM = Sintran III file system image file (FLoppy IMage). The file format has later been changed to handle all ordinary Sintran III disc file systems (FiLe system IMage). This file type is NOT available for downloading yet !
  • JPG = Picture, Wikipedia.
  • PDF = Standarized document format readable with Adobe Reader.
  • ZIP = A standard packed file containing one or more files, use the WinZip utility to unpack these files.

File type - Sintran III file type.

Files - No. of files in this package.

Generated - The generation date of the given software, typically Sintran.

Language - The language of the document or product.

  • DE = Deutsch (German)
  • EN = English
  • FI = Finnish
  • FR = French
  • GE = German
  • NO = Norwegian
  • SW = Swedish
  • XX = Undefined, multi-language or N.A.

ND no - The tables are divided into main categories and then sorted on the ND document/product number. The ND numbers are 3 digits (HW sales number), 4 digits (upgrading), 5 digits (old numbering system) or 6 digits (new numbering system from Sep. 1988). There will usually be a version number/letter added at the end. Other numbering systems may occur.

Documents are grouped according to the type of documentation and then sorted on the ND number. A document number may look like xx.yyy.zz (old) or 8xxyyy.zz (new), where:

  • xx = Document type (library page: HW - hardware, SW - software or QG - quick guides)
    • 01 = (HW) NORD-1
    • 02 = (HW) PIOC hardware
    • 05 = (HW) NORD-5, NORD-50, ND-500, ND-5000 CPUs
    • 06 = (HW) NORD-1, NORD-10, NORD-10/S, ND-100 CPUs
    • 07 = (HW) NORD-12
    • 10 = (HW) MPM hardware
    • 11 = (HW) Data storage equipment
    • 12 = (HW) I/O interfaces
    • 13 = (HW) Miscellaneous hardware
    • 14 = (HW) Domino interfaces
    • 20 = (HW) Internal System Documentation
    • 30 = (HW) Operating, diagnostic, maintenance
    • 40 = (HW) Miscellaneous
    • 50 = (HW) Hardware/software system description
    • 60 = (SW) General software
    • 61 = (SW) Nortext
    • 62 = (SW) Test and Verification software
    • 63 = (SW) NOTIS software
    • 65 = (SW) Technovision software
    • 67 = (SW) Miscellaneous software
    • 68 = (SW) NORCCIS
    • 68 = (HS) Service Handbook
    • 70 = (HW) Documentation packages
    • 80 = (SW) Utility software and special documentation
    • 99 = (SW) Other documentation
    • 99 = (QG) All reference cards
  • yyy = Document number
  • zz = Version number
Original - A mark showing if the originally printed document or floppy disc still exists.
  • No = The original printed document or floppy disc doesn't exist anymore.
  • Yes = Both Sintran Data and Norsk Teknisk Museum have the original.
  • BL = Bo Lewendal has the original.
  • CVS = Carl-Victor Sundling has the original.
  • DDHF = Dansk Datahistorisk Forening has the original.
  • DDM = Dalby Datormuseum has the original.
  • DIRU = Thanks to Dietmar Rudolph for some docs.
  • EF = Thanks to Erik Frøyhov for many valuable contributions (docs., parts and giveaways).
  • JOO = Sintran Data has the original.
  • NTM = Norsk Teknisk Museum has the original.
  • (rh) = Ronny Hansen has provided some docs.
  • RKN = Thanks to Robert Knudsen for a Butterfly TS and some docs.
  • (sb) = Sebastian Rasmussen has the original.
  • (ti) = Torfinn Ingolfsen has the original.
  • Wiki = The ND Wiki has the original

Pages - No. of pages in the document.

Product - The product name.

Release - The release date of the document or product.

Report - SIS report no., ending with P means a preliminary report.

Size - The approx. size of the file to download.

Storage - The original storage medium for the software.

Title - The title of the document.

Type - The type of product this document describes.

  • FW = Firmware
  • HS = Hardware and Software
  • HW = Hardware
  • SW = Software
  • - = Not defined

Version - Program or Sintran version.

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