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This is the library for the hardware and operation manuals. Here you will find manuals for all the Norsk Data hardware and operating, diagnostic, maintenance manuals for the ND computers. The manuals are sorted on ND numbers within each group. A description of the columns used in the standardized table can be found here, explaining the meaning of each column.
Assembly Drawings
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
B2C4 ENOct. 1988ND-100 Satellite 87, Assembly Drawings PDF file18 979 KB NTMHW
B2C8 ENMar. 1988ND-100/5000 COMPACT (COMSON), Assembly Drawings PDF file29 1.27 MB NTMHW
B2C20 ENNov. 1988ND-5000 Satellite/Technostation, Assembly Drawings PDF file18 899 KB NTMHW
B3C8 ENNov. 1988OpenLan 11-mod. Cab. '85, Assembly Drawings PDF file15 598 KB NTMHW
B3C18 ENDec. 1987Mag. Tape Switch Freestanding, Assembly Drawings PDF file9 506 KB NTMHW
B3C20 ENDec. 198711-Mod. Cab. '85 I/O Line Switch, Assembly Drawings PDF file17 701 KB NTMHW
(02) PIOC hardware
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
02.003.01 EN PIOC Hardware, Reference Manual NoHW
(05) NORD-5, NORD-50, ND-500, ND-5000 CPUs
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
05.007.01 EN NORD-50 Functional Description NoHW
05.008.01 EN NORD-50 General Description NoHW
05.009.01 EN ND-500 Reference Manual NoHW
05.011.01 EN ND-500 Hardware Description NoHW
05.012.01 EN ND-500 Microprogram Guide NoHW
05.013.01 EN ND-500 Array Processing Functions NoHW
05.016.01 EN Rask Gate Arrays Technical Description NoHW
05.017.01 ENMar. 1988ND-5000 Hardware Maintenance PDF file2726.89 MB NTMHW
05.018.01 ENDec. 1984ND-500/2 Double Precision Array Processing Functions PDF file70 1.77 MB NTMSW
05.020.01 EN ND-5000 Hardware Description NoHW
805013.3 EN1989 ND-500 Single Precision Array Processing Functions PDF file1002.06 MB NTMSW
805017.01 EN ND-5000 Hardware Maintenance NoHW
805020.01 EN ND-5000 Hardware Description NoHW
(06) NORD-1, NORD-10, NORD-10/S, ND-100 CPUs, OWS
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
NORD-1-IS.1 EN NORD-1 Interrupt System NoHW
NORD-1-MP.1 EN NORD-1 Memory Protect System NoHW
NORD-1-RM.1 ENFeb. 1970NORD-1 Reference Manual, Complete Instruction Repertoire PDF file60 2.37 MB NTMHW
1070.1 ENJun. 1975BUS-SWITCH PDF file46 2.61 MB NTMHW
06.005.01 EN NORD-10//NORD-50 Communication System NoHW
06.009.01 EN NORD-10/S Functional Description NoHW
06.010.01 ENFeb. 1978NORD-10/S Microprogram PDF file85 4.61 MB CVSHW
06.012.01 EN NORD-10/S Input/Output System NoHW
06.013.01 ENOct. 1978NORD-10/S General Description and Module Description PDF file50 721 KB CVSHW
06.014.01 EN ND-100 Reference Manual NoHW
06.015.01 EN ND-100 Functional Description NoHW
06.016.01 ENDec. 1980ND-100 Input/Output System PDF file 2334.82 MB CVSHW
06.017.01 EN ND-100 Bus Description NoHW
06.018.01 ENJan. 1980NORD-100, Microprogramming Description PDF file86 6.20 MB NTMHW
06.021.01 EN ND-100 Instant Instruction Codes NoHW
06.022.01 EN ND-100 OPCOM Instruction Survey NoHW
06.025.3 ENApr. 1987Butterfly-110, Technical Reference Manual PDF file54814.5 MBNTMHW
06.026.1 ENMar. 1987ND-110 Functional Description PDF file2787.01 MBCVSHW
06.028.01 EN PC Technical Reference Manual NoHW
06.029.1 EN ND-110 Instruction Set PDF file2076.93 MB CVSHW
06.033.1 ENMar. 1988Butterfly Additional Disk, Technical Reference PDF file52 1.24 MB NTMHW
(10) MPM hardware
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
10.004.01 EN MPM-5 Technical Description NoHW
10.005.01 EN MPM-5 Bus Description NoHW
10.006.01 EN MPM Channel Specifications NoHW
810004.1 EN MPM-5 Technical Description NoHW
(11) Data storage equipment
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
11.013.01A ENJun. 1979Error Correction Control (ECC) Disk Controller PDF file1604.17 MB NTMHW
11.015.01 ENMay. 1982Floppy Disk Controller - 3027 PDF file76 2.07 MB NTMHW
11.017.01 EN ECC Disk Controller/ND-100 NoHW
(12) I/O interfaces
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
12.012.01 EN Interface to Pertec Magnetic Tape w/Formatter NoHW
12.018.01 ENNov. 1978High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) Interface PDF file1203.34 MB NTMHW
12.023.01preENNov. 1982GPIB on ND-100 PDF file38 1.00 MB NTMHS
12.023.02 ENAug. 1984General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB), User Guide PDF file1363.93 MB NTMHS
12.045.1 EN ND Display Terminal 1200, Operator Guide NoHW
12.045.2 ENMar. 1988ND Display Terminal 1200, Operator Guide PDF file79 2.53 MB CVSHW
12.054.1 ENJun. 1988ND Display Terminal 1200, Functional Specifications PDF file1523.10 MB NTMHW
12.055.1 ENJul. 1987Ethernet II Controller PDF file96 2.17 MB NTMHW
(13) Miscellaneous hardware
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
13.014.01 EN Site Preparation and Installation Manual NoHW
13.018.01 EN1984 ND-100 COMPACT MODELS I, II, III AND IV, Illustrated Parts Catalogue PDF file16 1.27 MB NTMHW
13.019.01 NOMay. 1980Elektrostatikk, Beskyttelse av utstyr følsomt for statisk elektrisitet PDF file36 1.18 MB NTMHW
13.024.1 ENJan. 1987ND-100 COMPACT MODELS 11, 12, 13, 14, Illustrated Parts Catalogue PDF file16 1.33 MB NTMHW
13.028.1 ENJun. 1987Site preparation PDF file76 1.74 MB NTMHW
813037.1 EN OpenLAN Product Family NoHW
(14) Domino interfaces
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
814001.1 EN DOMINO Standard Hardware NoHW
814006.1 EN Ethernet III Controller NoHW
(20) Internal System Decumentation
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
20.004.1 ENJun. 1986UE-Library, Reference Manual PDF file50 1.76 MB NTMSW
20.034.1 EN ND-Specific Programming & Advanced PLANC PDF file1153.65 MB CVSSW
820026.1 ENSep. 1988DOMINO and NUCLEUS, Software Guide PDF file3046.52 MB NTMSW
820059.1 ENAug. 1990SINTRAN III/VSX, Fatal Error Routine Addresses PDF file28 1.12 MB NTMSW
(30) Operating, diagnostic, maintenance
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
30.001.01A ENMay. 1982NORD-10/NORD-50, Operator's Guide PDF file1484.85 MB NTMHS
30.003.01 EN SINTRAN III System Supervisor's Guide NoSW
30.003.7 ENDec. 1986SINTRAN III System Supervisor PDF file46512.7 MB CVSSW
30.004.01 EN NORD-10/S Maintenance Manual NoHW
30.005.01 EN ND-100 Test Program Description NoSW
30.007.01 EN NORD-50 Test System NoSW
30.008.01 EN ND-100 Hardware Maintenance Manual NoHW
30.010.01 EN NORD-50 Maintenance Manual NoHW
30.013.01 EN Test Micro Program Descriptions for ND-500 NoHW
30.014.01 EN ND-500 Hardware Maintenance Manual NoHW
30.018.01 EN Test Program Description ND-500 NoHW
30.025.01 EN COSMOS Operator Guide NoHW
30.056.01 EN Butterfly Teamstation Installation Guide NoHW
30.057.01 EN Butterfly Teamstation Supervisor Guide NoSW
30.073.01 EN NORD-5000 Macrotest Description NoSW
30.081.1pre ENMay. 1986ND-100 TRACER Description, User Guide PDF file60 1.33 MB NTMSW
830003.1 EN SINTRAN III System Supervisor NoSW
830005.01 EN Test Program Description for ND-100 NoSW
830005.3 EN1990 Test Program Description for ND-100/110 PDF file2704.43 MB NTMSW
830008.3 EN1990 ND-100 Hardware Maintenance PDF file2926.68 MB NTMHW
830009.1 EN SIBAS II, Operator's Manual SW
830025.1 EN COSMOS Operator Guide NoHW
830042.1 EN DIALOGUE-TRUE Operations NoSW
830059.1 EN NOTIS-DS Supervisor Guide NoSW
830061.1 EN Operator Environment, User Guide NoSW
830062.1 EN NOTIS-ID Supervisor Guide NoSW
830072.1 EN Dialogue Operations NoHW
830083.1 ENSep. 1988Performance monitoring, tuning and capacity planning PDF file1704.56 MB NTMHS
830093.1 EN OWS-55 Installation Guide NoHW
830094.1 EN OWS System Reference Guide NoHW
830102.1 EN1989 ND-5000 ES Model C Hardware Maintenance Manual PDF file66 1.90 MB No HW
830103.01 EN ND-5000 ES Model S Hardware Maintenance NoHW
830107.3 ENApr. 1989OpenLAN, Network Supervisor Guide PDF file1704.26 MB NTMSW
830108.1 EN OpenLAN Reference Guide for OWS Adapter Card NoHW
830120.1 EN OWS-85 Installation Guide NoHW
830123.1 EN OpenLAN Network Control Server Inst. & Op. Guide NoHW
830124.1 EN OpenLAN Network Management & Operation Guide NoHW
830141.1 ENJan. 1990SINTRAN NFS Support, Supervisor Guide PDF file28 1.98 MB NTMSW
(40) Miscellaneous
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
40.004.06 ENOct. 1984Documentation Catalogue PDF file11611.56 MBNTM-
(50) Hardware/software system description
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
(70) Documentation packages
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
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