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Norsk Data software products1.5 - Norsk Data software products

On the following pages we will present to you not only our own software made by Norsk Data, but also some of the other software products made available on the Sintran computers. You will also find some software made by Norsk Data and Sintran Data on platforms like DOS/Windows and Unix.

You will find information about the software products like configuration, installation, usage, tips and tricks. Manuals will not be found here but in the library section.

Many software products may also be available for downloading. The software product will only run on the computer platforms it's made for. Also the format of the downloadable files may be in a proprietary format, not usable on other platforms but the original one.

Currently software items are listed (which consist of files, approx. to download). For further information, please contact us by mail.

SW Sintran SW Communication SW Compiler SW utility SW nortext SW misc SW other SW firmware SW MD5SUM

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